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Our Work Together…

There are many successful methods and approaches to treatment. I believe in identifying and integrating those techniques that fit your individual needs into our sessions. My priority is our relationship, which takes precedence over all other concerns and which will determine the success of our work together. I ask that you do the best you can to express your goals, your concerns, your hopes and your dreams. I will listen to you as no one has listened before. I will work to understand you, help you to understand yourself better, explore your relationship with others and your connections with the world around you. Together we will find or unlock the steps to help you meet your individual goals, and/or resolve conflicts in relationships, to help you move forward. My approach is strength based. I believe that your decision to come to treatment reflects a readiness to tap into a basic human process that strives for health and growth. The suffering and destructiveness that surrounds us does not have to define us. This philosophy and understanding of your power to create change in your life comes from my experience as a therapist, psychoanalyst, director of mental health programs, and clinical supervisor. If you have hope that change is possible, are open to share and explore your feelings with someone who will pay attention, respect you and your potential, and are willing to take a step forward to grasp that possibility of a positive change, you can find the strength and direction within yourself to lead a healthier and more productive life.

Fees are determined on an individual basis and ability to pay. I believe that everyone should have access to Psychotherapy and Counseling services regardless of their ability to pay.  For that reason, reduced fee sessions are available for individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship or have no insurance.  Please contact me for information on fees, accepted “in network” insurance panels, “out of network” treatment, reduced fee availability and/or to make an appointment. 

* Prices may vary depending on the level of involvement, time commitment and the individual needs of each client. For more information, please, inquire further.