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Common Issues in Psychotherapy and Counseling with Mark Bernstein…

You may find that your concerns are similar to one or more of those outlined below.  These are just some of the common issues that bring folks to treatment.  If you would like to discuss these or other issues, please consider giving me a call.  It’s not unusual to find a combination of issues interacting together to obstruct our positive growth

I specialize in providing Psychotherapy and Counseling to adults – individually, as couples, in groups or as a family.  My practice is based on many years of training and experience utilizing evidence-based treatment to help people develop and meet their goals and resolve their problems.  Please review my credentials section for a summary of my background.  I have a strong history of caring, professionalism, ethical practice, and respect for the human condition.  

As a counselor I have worked with individuals to help them adapt to life’s social and work demands and pressures, despite struggling with various conflicts and/or disabilities.  As a director of mental health programs, I have developed programs and supervised hundreds of professional staff to help individuals improve their opportunities for more productive and satisfying lifestyles.  As a psychoanalyst I have been trained in a technique of listening, a way of living, a philosophy and an art form; a theory about the human condition and clinical practice.  As a student and practitioner of Eastern and Western philosophies and healing modalities, I work with individuals to train their bodies and brains to relax, develop strength, focus, and be mindful in the pursuit of their individual goals and to benefit society.  

Your involvement will be one where you will experience being listened to, accepted, heard and validated.  Throughout my years of practice I have developed a multitude of counseling and psychotherapeutic skills. I utilize those techniques that best serve your individual needs.  I will build a trusting relationship with you, which will help you to express yourself in words, through emotional communication, and to develop understanding of the dynamics in your relationships.

There will not be any judgment or blame on my part, simply the goal of helping you to communicate more effectively with the people in your life and to feel more confident to pursue and reach your goals.  If you feel that your goals and needs are reasonable, we will work together to help you become more active, positive, and spirited in meeting them.  If you have questions or doubts regarding your needs or goals, we will explore the validity of those doubts and determine what is really holding you back.  Either way, we can work together to help you improve the skills you have and develop new skills in relating to others to improve the quality of your relationships.

Many of the individuals I have worked with have a history of accomplishments, although they needed some support and guidance reaching that last elusive goal they were aiming to meet.  I have a long history helping those who have struggled with behavioral and emotional issues.  You can resolve or overcome the traumas of your past by developing effective new habits, behaviors, and strategies to feel, and be, more successful, vital, and enterprising, or simply to become more comfortable in your current life situation.  Imagine feeling more confident, secure, loving and loved.